The quest to relieve his nightly nasal congestion, led this inventor to design a nose dilator to maximize nasal airflow in the most comfortable manner. 

Breathe Max™ is designed to gently apply outward pressure along the nasal interior walls, thereby resulting in a comfortable 360º opening of the nose for maximum nasal air flow. 

Breathe Max™ is not just for snorers or for relieving night-time nasal congestion due to colds or allergies. 

The nose dilator can also be used to enhance performance in workouts, athletic activities or other activities requiring an increase of oxygen intake.

“My boyfriend and I have been training for a 10K Race. We have recently been using the nose dilators and they really make a difference. They are soft and comfortable to wear, and we can breathe easier!” ~Denise C. & James D. 
Breathe Max™ is Reusable and Comes in Four Different Sizes!


Packages offered:
  • Combo Package contains two (2) different sizes (

    : One Small & One Medium
    : One Medium & One Large

  • Twin Package contains two (2) of the same size dilator (

    Two Small
    : Two Medium
    : Two Large
Hint: Most adults use the medium to large sizes.