"I had tried other nose dilators before that I had ordered on the 
internet. Breathe Max really opens up my nose so now I can 
breathe during the night. I wear it all night and it is very 
 ~ David J.

"My wife reminds me to wear the “nose thing” at night. She says it 
helps her sleep better because it helps my snoring. I know I feel 
better in the mornings."
 ~ Arthur P.

"My boyfriend and I go running in the mornings. We really  can feel 
the difference when wearing the dilators. We can breathe easier. It is 
soft and comfortable to wear." 
 ~ Denise C. & James D.

"I ordered the medium/large and the large size works better for me. 
I gave my wife the medium dilator and she was surprised at how well 
she can breathe with it. It works for us. It was a bargain!" 
 ~ Richard & 
Alissa T.

"My teenage son is overweight and has had breathing problems while 
sleeping. When he wears Breathe Max he seems to sleep better at night."
~ Melissa A.

"When I first used the x-lg. size I was wowed! I was really 
surprised I could breathe so freely."
 ~ Juan M.

"This Breathe Max really helps with my breathing at night. I also 
wear it during the day when I need to."
 ~ Ruben V.