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Reduces snoring • Eases congestion • Made in USA


At Breathe Max, we believe getting a good night’s sleep is the foundation of having a great day. The Breathe Max nasal dilator can help you breathe better to achieve a restful night.


How it works


open the package

Made in the USA with soft, flexible, FDA-approved materials, you'll feel comfortable knowing you chose the best nasal dilator on the market.

insert Breathe max

This device opens your nostrils gently, so air can get through them more easily. The streamlined device is designed to be very easy to use.

Sleep comfortably

Breathe Max can reduce snoring and relieve nasal congestion due to colds and allergies so you breathe better. Rinse the nasal breather in the morning so you can reuse again.



"My wife reminds me to wear the “nose thing” at night. She says it helps her sleep better because it helps my snoring. I know I feel better in the mornings!" ~ Arthur P.


3 sizes

Breathe Max comes in three sizes, with Medium and Large being the most popular. Using the appropriate size will keep things comfy. They are reusable so you can use them daily, though we recommend replacing them about every 3 months.



Breathe Max isn't used just to prevent snoring— it can also be used to enhance performance in workouts and athletic activities. It's small enough that it isn't that noticeable, and it allows you to breathe more easily.


Buy now

Each package comes with two Breathe Max nasal dilators. You can choose between a combo package, which has two different sizes, or a twin package, which has two of the same size.

Price: $11.95/pkg. + Shipping & Handling $2.50

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Our story

Breathe Max was started by two brothers in South Texas, Juan and José Olivares, who wanted to bring an amazing nasal dilator to the market.